Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kitchen Fail

I had a MAJOR kitchen fail the other day. HUGE. Big enough that I had to go to the doctor today to have them remove a piece of glass from my foot. Don't worry, I am okay. It actually didn't hurt; well, not until the doctor stuck a l o n g needle into my heel. O.M.G THAT hurt! But I am fine now and able to walk normally again. I won't have to miss my yoga class tomorrow after all.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. Anyway, huge kitchen fail. I decided to bake bread....already a stupid idea considering that it was in the 90's outside and about 86 degrees inside, since our air conditioner is broken. But for some reason, I still thought it would be a good idea to turn on the oven to 450 degrees. Did I tell you my A/C is broken?

When I bake bread, using recipes from my current favorite bread cookbook, I always follow the direction to put a pan under the rack and pour water into it when I put the bread in the oven. This creates a nice steamy environment (kinda like the steam room at the gym...but I would never go in there. Imagine all the bacteria living it up in the warm, moist environment. And all the people who lounge around in there in sweaty gym clothes or bathing suits. Yuck.) which helps create a crackly, crispy crust. Delightful.

Well, the directions say to use the broiler pan, which is made out of metal. I decided to use my glass pie pan. Glass, people, glass. As soon as the not-very-hot water touched the 450* hot glass pie pan, all hell broke loose. That nice Pyrex pie dish exploded EVERYWHERE. I jumped back as fast as possible, spilling tepid water all over my kitchen floor, while trying not to get hit by flying, extremely hot, glass shards, and shouting "F@ck!" over and over again. Yes, I have quite the sailor's language--sorry mom.

Look at all the lovely glass shards!

The shattered glass was all over the oven, sprayed onto the kitchen floor in front of the oven, and in the top handle to the broiler cabinet. Fun times. Once everything cooled down (which involved leaving the oven wide open, sending hot air into my already hot house), I was able to begin the clean up process. I filled a cookie sheet with the glass shards, swept the floor, wiped the floor down with wet paper towels, and repeat. But somehow I missed one itty bitty shard. And of course, the moment I took off my flip flops, that stray piece of glass burrowed its way into my heel, leaving just enough of an edge out to be a tease, but not enough for me to actually be able to pull it out. While it wasn't very big, the piece of glass definitely made its presence known as I hobbled around the house.

So the lesson learned here....don't pour water into pre-heated glass. Well, unless you want to create an explosion, then go right ahead. Just make sure you wear your shoes.

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