Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie and Julia

I have been highly anticipating this new movie, based on Julie Powell's novel-turned-book of the same name, as well as Julia Child's memoir, "My Life in France". Omar agreed to accompany me for this "chick flick", opting to watch a movie about cooking over Adam Sandler's "Funny People" (which I am also dying to see).

I enjoyed every second of the movie and nearly peed in my seat because I did not want to leave for even a moment. (Not to self: Don't drink 2 sodas in a good movie.) I previously read Powell's "Julie and Julia" several years ago and enjoyed her book immensely, though I have not yet read Child's book.

I am not going to review the movie, other than to encourage everyone to go see it! I am, however, feeling inspired to try some new recipes. Be on the lookout for chocolate cream pie, beof bourguignon (I had to look up that spelling!), and mussels (probably in a white wine sauce), among other delights.

Also, I recently won a cookbook from the blog Warm Olives and Cool Cocktails, with the condition that I blog at least one recipe from the cookbook. Secondly, I entered the Great American Taste Test, which is again a free cookbook with the stipulation that I blog a recipe. But the cool part about that one is that they are restaurant recipes, so not only do I make my own version, but I am supposed to hold a taste test with the real deal from the restaurant versus my homemade concoction. Any local taste testers want to get in on the eating action? :)

Bon Appetite!

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Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

MeMeMe! I want to be a taster!! When do we start???


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