Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have been to three 1st birthdays this summer. In a few weeks, I'll be headed to another. The husband and I do not have children (yet), so while I LOVE playing with my friends' babies, I always kind of feel like the creeper adult at these events. Unless they have booze. Then I can just drink some beers while chatting with my friends and cheering for the kiddos swingin away at the pinata.

At a recent 1st birthday party the husband and I attended, I learned how to make beer-a-ritas. That's right, I learned a new boozy beverage while in attendance at a child's birthday party. Well, to be fair, we arrived a day early and helped set up for the party, so the idea for beer-a-ritas was brought up before the party began. While L and I set up for the shin dig, the men folk were sent to the store to stock up on hot dogs, condiments, and beverages, which introduced the idea of making a batch of beer-a-ritas. We joked about having a VIP section with wristbands for the alcohol, so as not to offend the non-drinking adults in attendance, but once word got around about this wonderful beverage, people were lining up for a glass. Our first double batch dissapeared quickly, so I convinced L we should whip up another bowl-full.

Though beer and tequila mixed together might not sound too tasty, let me tell you, the two are a perfect pairing! So much so that the beer-a-ritas didn't taste boozy, making it easy to knock back one or two....or four. Just don't hurt your brain trying to figure out where the combination fits in with the old adage, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear."

A word of warning: Do NOT drink these on an empty stomach. Eat a couple of hot dogs or some birthday cake before imbibing; these bad boys pack a punch!

Source: Our amazing friends!

Printable Recipe


12 ounces Newcastle beer (you can use other beer if you want, but the Newcastle is ah-mazing!)
12 ounces Tequila
12 ounces water
10 ounces frozen limeaide concentrate

Pour all ingredients into a large bowl or pitcher and mix well.

Pour into a glass, add a bit of ice, and a squeeze of lime, if desired.

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