Thursday, March 18, 2010

BBQ Ribs

This isn't really much of a recipe, per se. It's just the way I cook ribs. But my ribs always come out succulent, meaty, flavorful. The key here--don't add any barbecue sauce until just before the ribs are ready to come off the grill. That, and you must use a charcoal grill. Seriously, get rid of your propane contraption; that is not really barbecuing. Trust me, it's the best way.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Source: my own trial and error over the years with advice from the parents Printable Recipe


baby back ribs (I use a rack and a half from Costco for the two of us)
dry rub, if you want
your favorite bbq sauce
a charcoal grill

Tear up some newspaper and layer it in the bottom of your charcoal grill. Pour the briquettes on top into a pile. Squirt some lighter fluid on top and light the newspaper. Leave the lid off and wait.

Rub your ribs with salt and pepper, or the dry rub. Do not add any BBQ sauce yet! Let them sit while the charcoal gets hot.

The flames will die down, but the charcoal is not ready yet. Wait until the briquettes have changed from black to ashy grey. Now they're ready.

Lay the ribs on the grill; I prefer to have mine meaty side up. Put the lid on the grill and leave it alone for the next 20 minutes.

Go drink a beer and watch TV or make some side dishes.

Flip the ribs over, meaty side down, for about 3-5 minutes with the lid on.

Go drink more of your beer or chat with the friends you've invited over for dinner. Be sure to be a good hostess.

Flip the ribs back over, meat side up, and slather them with your favorite BBQ sauce. Add as much as you want. Put the lid back on and grill for 3 minutes.

Remove the ribs from the heat, and let stand on a platter, uncovered for about 5 minutes. You want to give the meat a chance to reabsorb the juices before cutting them up.

Slice the ribs apart and chow down. Feel free to have more sauce available for dipping. Just have a bunch of napkins ready.

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